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How to get your product into retailers

Working in the food retail sector and with extensive retail marketing experience with the UK’s leading retailers, SEED Marketing Communications is often asked how to get your product into retailers and what does a good retail pitch look like?



We believe it’s all about

  1. Attention to detail and seeing the opportunity from the retailer’s point of view
  2. Demonstrating a full understanding of the retailer’s end customer
  3. Demonstrating a deep understanding of the retailer’s category

Retail buyers are busy and are looking for clear logical arguments that not only show there’s a gap in their market but that there’s a commercial market in the gap! – This combined with a clear commitment to promote the brand with some marketing investment are the key components for success.

how to get your product into retailers

Here are SEED Communications’ top ten tips for how to get your product into retailers and what a good retail pitch looks like …

1. Keep it simple

how to get your brand listed 5

Present your case in fewer than fifteen slides. Less than ten if possible. And bear in mind the recipient will often want to take your argument and present it on internally. They will need to feel confident in the logic, thinking and numbers.


2. Tailor your argument to the retailer’s specific objectives and category growth targets

seed communications how to get your brand listed

Attending retailer conferences (see ) will give you a good understanding of category objectives and the likely fit of your new product / brand.


3. Highlight your point of difference from the onset

how to get your brand listed 6

Wherever possible, position your product in a way that reinforces its newness and uniqueness and use this language throughout. Complete a full category gap analysis and know your competition.


 4. Show the retailer their own customers talking about your product

Morrisons sampling vox pop 2_20131003122544_0

Ideally through some focus groups but, if budget doesn’t allow, a quick vox pops exercise edited together forming a very short film can really help. At SEED Communications, we have always used vox pops  successfully as they make for powerful presentation aids.


5. Drive home the customer insight with robust data and clear commercials

how to get your brand listed with uk retailers

Data is expensive but is fast becoming a ‘need to have’ component for any serious retail pitch. Whilst you can sometimes get by with general published data through desk research – we are finding that the purchase of basic category data is becoming more and more important.


6. Make it fun

how to get your brand listed

Despite the need for quick delivery, finding an angle or adding a little theatre to proceedings will make the message more memorable and distinctive.


7. Consider sending a creative and interesting mail piece

Red boxing glove emerges from manilla envelope

Something that stands out from the crowd and gets the buyer’s interest in the first place. SEED Communications  has had success with a number of unexpected but relevant pieces in the past.

8. Make sure you have a pipeline

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The retailer will want to know that you have a pipeline of products in your range that will be available when sales take off – also important if you have a poor performer in your range and an attractive replacement is required quickly.


9. Suggest where your product will fit on shelf and which product / brand it should replace and why

how to get your brand listed

It helps if you can visualise your product on shelf showing suggested placement and adjacencies. And a mock-up photo of the product in-situ. Be prepared to talk about the brand you think it should replace and why!


10. Bring your proposed marketing activity to life 

Finally, show the shopper customer journey from a visual point of view – highlighting where you suggest promotional material would work in store remembering to follow the retailer POS themes and language. And show any overarching creative campaign concepts being developed to build awareness and to drive customers to the store and the category.


If you are a smaller brand seeking listings with the leading UK retailers and need some help in doing so, give me – Martin Thurley a call  on +44(0)1386 792 700


Martin Thurley is an independent brand marketing consultant operating at director level in the UK, Europe and South East Asia. He is founder of SEED Marketing Communications – a full-service marketing consultancy based near Birmingham in the West Midlands providing marketing solutions for business growth. SEED Marketing Communications helps ambitious SME’s with marketing guidance, support and marketing implementation with specialist sector experience in Food Retail, B2B and Not for Profit. A member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing – he has worked for Saatchi & Saatchi as well as for leading UK retailers including Lloydspharmacy and Homebase. His brand growth marketing experience includes work with – British Airways, RAC, Prudential, Capital Radio, Cunard, Stena Line, Amstrad, Selfridges, Imperial Tobacco, CP Foods, West Mercia Police, Poundland and many SME’s.